Flower girls & Ring bearers {vintage wedding}

 So, we have decided on who will be our ring bearer and flower girl. They are brother and sister and will be 8 and 11 on our big day. Really the cutest kids that are going to be a real blessing on our special day.

Here are a few of my style ideas for each of them:
I’m thinking wreath crowns, neutral dresses and flowy hair for the girl…

From left to right: Top (1&3) greenweddingshoes.com; (2) Kate Moss wedding; Middle (1) tutudumonde.com;  (2)glamourandgraceblog.com; Last (1) Pinterest (2) kidstylefile.webfactional.com

I’m thinking suspenders, page boy cap, waistcoat and sneakers for the boy.

fuckyeahweddingideas.tumblr.com; weddingwhimsy.tumblr.com; 4.bp.blogspot.com; greenweddingshoes.com; weddingchicks.com

Think they’ll be super cute! 🙂

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