Pets in Weddings {Wedding ideas}

 So today marks the exact 1 year mark till our wedding day! Although it seems like lots of time to do everything I cant help feeling a little nervous about everything that needs to be done, but totally excited of course! πŸ™‚

And to celebrate the pre-1year anniversary I thought I’d blog something cute and special. Pets at weddings!
I have a cat. A cute, adorable cat, that is Garfeild, Tigger and Hobbes all rolled into one. And if it wasn’t for his huge ‘stanger-phobia’  we probably would have considered having him as part of our wedding day. But would have been easier if he was a dog….
But I think adding something as special as your pets to your wedding day just adds to the personal touches. And isn’t your wedding day all about having everyone you love there to celebrate with you? So why not include our pets?

Here are some adorable pets that have had the honour of joining their best friends on their wedding day.,,,

And for all the cat lovers out there. Here is a better option to having a something kitty-cat:

Top: Left:, Right:, Bottom: Left & Right: 

Love the peeping kitty one!

And here is a cute kitty moment I spotted on Clark Walker Studio’s blog

Say it with me…. “Awwwwwwwwwwwe”

Okie dokie

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