Becoming Older

At 26years old most people would laugh at me for saying it scares me a little to now be on the ‘wrong’ side of the 20-somethings. Its been 8 days now since celebrating my 26th birthday and its got me thinking about where I am in life. The one great thing about celebrating your birthday on the last day of the year is that all new years resolutions and life goals sync up with celebrating life and a birthday.Its the perfect starting block to reevaluate and consider whats important in life.

Self portrait

At 26 I am married to a great guy who I enjoy being around, we have a house of our own and a puppy called Mc Gruff…life seems sweet. Apart from the ‘normal’ curve balls of life with family drama’s (who doesnt have those) and hating my day job, I must say I am pretty content. Im exaclty where I wanted to be at this age. Ive travelled to far away countries and seen amazing things and met increadible people, Ive led Bible studies and given talks to young girls, I had the wedding of my dreams and a husband Im proud to be around. Ive realised how important family is and how special friends are that feel like family.


I have discovered secret ingredients for favourite recipes and actually have favourite recipes. I joined puppy classes and actually enjoy teaching tricks and showing off our fur baby ( it really is an interesting look into what type of parents we will be). I can look back and see all the blessings in my life and be thankful for the trials that have taught me so much. The best part is I look forward to the future. I look forward to dinner parties and family get togethers, babies and being parents, growing my business and maybe being able to be a full time photographer, stepping closer to God and hearing His voice more, doing things that make a difference, traveling to all the places I still want to see and growing in my Marriage. As scary as it is to realise I have been living for 26 years, I look forward even more to seeing what the next 26 has in store!

Bring in 2013!

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