5 Tips for photographing pets

Pet photography tipsAs a pet owner and a photographer that has had pets as part of photo sessions, I thought I’d share some of tips as to taking your own photos of your fur baby.

1. Light

If it is at all possible, don’t use a flash. Flash makes animals eyes glaze over and like a ‘wolf-on-a-hunt’. Rather set your camera to a higher ISO if you are in a dark area or taking the photo at night. Also try to use a fast enough shutter speed to capture those expressions before you loose their attention!

Scottish terrier photography pet tips

2 Eye level

Change up your angle and get down to the dogs eye level. This will make the photo more interesting and gives a different perspective that than what everyone else sees.

dog photography tips pretoria

3. Focus on eyes

Focus on the pets eyes. This is a great tip for when you are taking photos of people too. If the photo shows sharp eyes then you create a connection. Also try to get a catch light in their eyes. Thats the little white dot that make eyes look like they are sparkling!

But sometimes focusing on another part of the body also tells a story!

Scotty puppy Pet photo tips

4. Shallow depth of field

The above tip has a lot to do with your aperture settings too. You can create a focal point by having a shallow depth of field which focus’ attention to only one part. It also will blur out any distractions in the background.

Adot a dog pet photography tips

5. Catch their personality

Animal photography pet tipsThose little quirks are what give them personality and what make you love them so much. So capture those quite or crazy little moments where they are just being themselves!

Side note: The Scotty featured in these images is Mac Gruff. Our own little furbaby. Yu might spot him in a few other images from past shoots too! 🙂

Hope these tips help a little!

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for photographing pets

  1. Wow Monique, your photos are stunning! Classic and Elegant. Also love your tips section

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    It’s a platform showcasing only the best South African photographers work – http://sa-photographers.com/

    Love to hear back from you.

    Louis from SA Photographers.com

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