About Me

Hi! I am MoniQue

Full time photographer, wife and mom of two boys.

As I get older I realise more and more how precious time is. It’s part of why my husband and I decided 4 years ago to make photography a full time thing for me. It gives me the flexibility with my time I need to be a mom and wife.
I love photographing people and hearing stories of how special photographs are. Especially really old photographs of people long gone. I love how photographs do that, keep stories alive!

When I get the chance I enjoy really good coffee and making food. Trying new coffee spots and restaurants is kind of a hobby! So don’t be surprised if I invite you to meet-up somewhere so we can chat about what your photographic needs are.

I think I might have enjoyed being a teacher! So the camera classes have really been so much fun for me. When I see the lightbulb moment as someone figures out how easy it was to use ‘Manual Mode’ once you understand the basic concepts it’s the best feeling!

I look forward to meeting you!

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