Family photographs are so precious

Over this past weekend I had the chance to photograph my own extended family. With some living in other parts of the country it was a rare occasion to have us all together. We worked out that it had been more that 5 years since we were all together. Time goes by so fast! Taking … Continue reading Family photographs are so precious


I've decided to explore a little and be a little creative...this is what I came up with this morning. This is a photo of a remarkable young women who I think the verse fits wonderfully made! x

Alex from Heavenly Best Friends Dog School

Alex is an awesome trainer with such a passion for dogs. We trained our Scotty, Mac Gruff with her and she did such an awesome job. I photographed her and her pup Cadbury, an appropriately named chocolate Labrador. Head over to her page, Heavenly Best Friends if you are interested in training in the Pretoria … Continue reading Alex from Heavenly Best Friends Dog School

Pieces of every day life

I want to start celebrating everyday life more. Appreciate the little things and be happy on purpose in the here and now. So here are pieces of every day life. A clock made from an old map that was Nico's Grandfathers and a traditional cow bell from Switzerland. A bottle of home-made apricot jam from … Continue reading Pieces of every day life

Photo Challenge Day 7: High angle

Its Sunday morning. I hear the motorbikes roar past the street below us as I was dishes in our apartment on the 5th floor. A thought pops into my head and I leave the soapy water and dry my hands. Slowly I snuggle into his warm neck as he seems so peacefull in dreamland. He … Continue reading Photo Challenge Day 7: High angle