5 Tips for photographing pets

As a pet owner and a photographer that has had pets as part of photo sessions, I thought I'd share some of tips as to taking your own photos of your fur baby. 1. Light If it is at all possible, don't use a flash. Flash makes animals eyes glaze over and like a 'wolf-on-a-hunt'. … Continue reading 5 Tips for photographing pets

Free Bird Wallpaper

I made a wallpaper that I've used on my computer very often...I like changing it out with other photos of our travels. But this one has colours that just make me feel happy. So I thought I'd share it with you! The Bird is a Karoo Thrush. We are avid bird watchers and lucky enough … Continue reading Free Bird Wallpaper

Family photographs are so precious

Over this past weekend I had the chance to photograph my own extended family. With some living in other parts of the country it was a rare occasion to have us all together. We worked out that it had been more that 5 years since we were all together. Time goes by so fast! Taking … Continue reading Family photographs are so precious

Pieces of every day life

I want to start celebrating everyday life more. Appreciate the little things and be happy on purpose in the here and now. So here are pieces of every day life. A clock made from an old map that was Nico's Grandfathers and a traditional cow bell from Switzerland. A bottle of home-made apricot jam from … Continue reading Pieces of every day life