Alina turns 1!

So much fun to watch these little ones grow up in front of me. I did Alina's newborn shoot and a a year later got to celebrate her pretty 1st birthday party with her! I love how her mom made these simple decorations and turned a picnic spot into a sparkly party! They provided all … Continue reading Alina turns 1!

Free Bird Wallpaper

I made a wallpaper that I've used on my computer very often...I like changing it out with other photos of our travels. But this one has colours that just make me feel happy. So I thought I'd share it with you! The Bird is a Karoo Thrush. We are avid bird watchers and lucky enough … Continue reading Free Bird Wallpaper

Matrics Farewell * Matriek Afskeid {special}

Its that time of year again when all the Gr12 get dressed up to celebrate the last years of high school. And with all the energy, time and money that goes into this special day its only right that you should get special photos taken of this day.So here are the prices for the Matric … Continue reading Matrics Farewell * Matriek Afskeid {special}

Under a tree {wedding ideas}

So the venue for our wedding does not have a chapel... only trees, veld and a view of the mountains. Perfect I think :)So here are a few pictures of weddings under trees...;;;; Now lets hope that weather wont be an issue... :)Still looking for ideas as to what decor … Continue reading Under a tree {wedding ideas}

Flower girls & Ring bearers {vintage wedding}

 So, we have decided on who will be our ring bearer and flower girl. They are brother and sister and will be 8 and 11 on our big day. Really the cutest kids that are going to be a real blessing on our special day.Here are a few of my style ideas for each of … Continue reading Flower girls & Ring bearers {vintage wedding}

Wall art {art}

I've been thinking about printing and framing some of my photogrpaphs. I have so many but very few are actually seen...most are gathering pixel dust on harddrives...So to get an idea of what they might look like I downloaded these great high-res images of old frames from fuzzimo (check out the rest of their awesome … Continue reading Wall art {art}

The Austrian Alps {travel}

On our tour in 2010/2011 of Italy, Austria and Switzerland, the one thing that will always stick with me are those beautiful snow capped mountains. The Alps really are magnificent and we saw them constantly for probably 60% of our travels.These masterpiece mountains made me think of how great God is. Taken in Innsbruck Austria … Continue reading The Austrian Alps {travel}