Sweet 16 and her Stunning Mom – Before & After

“A mother is a daughter’s first best friend.”


Mom & Daughter – Stunning Ladies! Before & after

“No matter your age, you always need your mom.” You are always going to need your mother in every walk of your life.

Mother & Daughter makeover – before & after

“I'm blessed and I couldn't be more grateful. Do you want to know why? Because I'm a mother, but that's only half of it. I'm blessed because, when I need to, I can still just be a daughter. I get the feeling that there is nothing more precious than to have both of these roles, … Continue reading Mother & Daughter makeover – before & after

You are beautiful makeover

I had the incredible privilege to have these stunning women in front of my lens. They are mother & daughter and got to spend some time in the studio getting their hair and make-up done by the amazing Candice. And then a fun photo session! It was so much fun seeing them realise their own … Continue reading You are beautiful makeover